The Key to Time Management




Managing Your Priorities:
                     A Half-day Workshop




MODULE I – Life as We Know It

  • All Things Considered (taking a look at what we try to accomplish every day)
  • To Do or Not To Do
  • Planning for Results (how to plan more effectively)

MODULE II – Obstacles in Our Way

  • Not Now, I Don't Have Time (dealing with procrastination)
  • Don't Interrupt me! (handling interruptions)
  • Marathon Meeting Madness
  • Time Robbers (where DOES the time go??)
  • Expect the Unexpected

MODULE III – What to Do, What to Do?

  • Time Tips and Techniques
  • Lets Go to Tech/Sys (putting simple technology to use)
  • Block & Tackle (help in arranging tasks and projects)
  • Good Job!
  • Thanks, But No Thanks! (learning to say no)

MODULE IV – Next Steps…(a personal action plan)

Participants will learn and begin to master:

  • An understanding of what they actually deal with on a daily basis
  • How to plan for tasks and projects
  • Recognizing and handling procrastination, interruptions and other “time robbers”
  • Specific tips and techniques to help them plan more effectively
  • Easy ways to use technology in managing our time
  • Ways of arranging duties and projects to become more efficient
  • When to say no


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