The Art of Supervising in an Ever-Changing World



              A Full-day On-site Workshop

I. What is Your Role as a Supervisor?

  • Are You a Good Supervisor? (self-assessments to allow participants to focus on areas for improvement)
  • A Supervisor’s Responsibility Checklist
  • 14 Key Characteristics of a Top-Notch Supervisor

II. Knowing Your Employees

  • Personalities at Work -a study of four basic personality styles
  • Selecting the Right Person for the Job -using knowledge of the four styles to hire
  • Do You Know What They Want? -what employees really want

III. The Key To Motivation

  •  Motivation – What Is It and What Does It Mean? -an in-depth discussion of creating a motivating environment
  • 18 “No-Money” Motivators
  • The Art of Giving Powerful Praise -how to give effective praise
  • 5 Ways to Motivate Based on Personalities

IV. Coaching & Counseling

  • Putting Value Into Evaluations - Module IV is a discussion of evaluations, feedback, coaching, and reprimands
  • A Handy Tool for Staff Analysis
  • To Do or Not To Do- An Evaluation Checklist
  • 20 Possible Causes for Poor Performance
  • Favoritism – The Poison That Kills
  • How to Give Constructive Feedback
  • 8 Important Steps to Corrective Coaching
  • Effective Reprimands

V. Dealing With Change

  • Why is it so Difficult to Deal With Change?
  • Avoiding the “Resistance Trap”
  • How Can I Adjust?

VI. Being a Leader They Will Follow

  • 10+ Ways to Establish Respect
  • Taking an Inventory of Your Own Work Habits
  • It's Your Choice

VII. Bonus Selection

  • Secrets of a Successful Supervisor
  • New Hire Welcome Kit

Participants will learn and begin to master:

  • How to recognize their own abilities as a supervisor
  • How to identify the four personality styles and use them to select the right person for the job
  • Ways to create a motivating environment
  • An understanding of the power of praise
  • How to give feedback and coaching tips
  • How to deal with those pesky reprimands
  • Effective ways of dealing with change
  • Specific tips on developing their personal leadership style


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