The Art of Delegating Effectively




A Half-day Workshop


* Are You a Good Delegator? (with each of the following 4 topics, participants review their own style of delegating)

* A Day in the Life of…

* Been There Done That

* What's the Big Deal?

* Truth or Consequences

* Why Doesn't Everyone Delegate?

* Who, What, & When – Five Levels of Delegation

* 9 Ingredients of RICETWICE

* Mind Your P's and Q's

* Key Points to Consider

* Practice Makes Perfect

* A Few More Points

* A NEW Day in the Life of...

* 3 Steps I Can Take Now

Participants will learn and begin to master:

  • Why delegating is important in the performance of their own jobs
  • How to recognize their own roadblocks to delegating effectively
  • A new way of looking at what they delegate, to whom, and why
  • New ways of deciding who should handle what
  • Specific tips and techniques to help them delegate more effectively

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