Here’s what attendees are saying about Linda’s workshops…

“We received excellent feedback from the people who attended your program. We truly value your expertise and assistance in helping us to balance our life!”
Kenneth W. Briggs, Human Resources, DEPARTMENT OF ENERGY, Miamisburg, OH

“Your presentation left me wanting more...very good!”
Kathy Drew-Smith, Reid Candy & Nut Shop, Ontario, Canada

“Linda’s gift of being able to speak honestly & directly to the subject = inspiring!”
Pat Magee, PMagee Enterprises, Richfield, OH

“The seminar was very well delivered - the instructor made the course.”
Colleen P. Slinko, Shipping & Receiving Supervisor, H & O LAB, INC., Manchester, NH

“You did a great job! We could not have been more pleased. You certainly made our directors seem smart!”

“Very positive and covered a great amount of material for 3 hours! Lots of enthusiasm!”
Michael Henderson, Project Manager, MOTE & ASSOCIATES, INC. Greenville, OH

“The seminar was interesting and informative - one of the best I’ve attended.”
Maura Eastman, General Manager/Sales, UNIFAB, INC., Hampstead, NH

“I liked Linda’s down-to-earth teaching style – very easy to interact and synergize.”
Pam Finnegan, Personnel Director, TSAVARIS CORPORATION, Ontario, OH

“The seminar was stimulating. Linda was well-spoken, interesting, and explained things well and used great examples.”
Trish D’Arcy, Mail Order CSR, GREEN MT. COFFEE ROASTERS, Waterbury, VT

“My second seminar by Mrs. Bruno – I enjoy her presentations very much.”
Richard Marshall, Manager of Manufacturing, CIRCLE PLASTICS PRODUCTS, INC. Circleville, OH

Additional “love notes” written on unsigned evaluations:

“One of the best workshops I’ve ever attended.”

“Linda is EXCELLENT at holding attention and relating to people.”

“Linda is a great speaker. This is not the first workshop I’ve been to that she gave. Thank you.”

“Linda is very informative – she holds your interest. Stress management tips were very good.”

“This is the second workshop I have attended conducted by Linda Bruno. She does an excellent job!”

“Linda is very informative – she keeps her workshops upbeat and gives lots of helpful information. I really appreciate her.”

“She is awesome!”

“Knowledgeable, fun, enthusiastic speaker!”

“Linda was very good at answering the questions...gave answers we can use.”

“She is the “queen” of customer service.”

"Linda uses a positive, direct teaching approach to totally engage her audience.”