Sharpening Your Supervisory Skills

A Full Day Workshop


I. Conflict Management

  • 8 Key Points You Must Know About Conflict (points to remember when dealing with conflict)
  • Achieving a Win-Win Situation (questions to ask yourself when dealing with conflict)
  • Setting an Example (how to take the “high road” in a conflict situation)

II. Dealing with Difficult People

  • Tanks, Snipers, Whiners & Grenades (understanding four of the most common difficult behaviors)
  • Do This, Don’t Do That (how to deal with these behaviors)
  • 9 Ways to Stay Calm, Cool and Collected
  • 8 Anger Management Skills

III. Delighting Your Customers

  • Image IS Everything (a brief discussion about how image affects our dealings with customers)
  • Expanding Our Definition of Service (understanding what “customer service” really means)
  • What People Love to Hear (key words and phrases that go a long way in pleasing a customer)
  • 6 Things You Should Never Say
  • 20 Ways to Improve Your Listening Skills
  • Back to Basics – Telephone Etiquette (10 ways to improve your telephone etiquette)
  • Email - Clean It Up! (13 tips to improve your email)
  • The All-Important Voice Mail (7 important points about voice mail)
  • 20+ Tips to Nurture Your Customer Relationships

IV. Being a Leader They Will Follow

  • 19 Key Characteristics of a Top-Notch Supervisor
  • Understanding Communication Styles (a brief review of the 3 communication styles)
  • Dealing with Change – If You Don’t, Will They?
  • Creating a Motivating Environment (12 ways to make them want to come to work)
  • 10+ Ways to Establish Respect (basic leadership tips)
  • It’s MY choice (personal action plan)

V. Bonus Section – New Hire Welcome Kit

Participants will learn and begin to master:

  • How to recognize and deal with conflict in their environment
  • How to identify and deal with specific difficult behaviors
  • Ways to stay calm in a tense situation, with specific anger management tips
  • How to nurture customer relationships and create customer loyalty
  • How to become a better listener
  • Tips on handling the phone and voice mail
  • How to recognize characteristics of a good supervisor and create a motivating environment
  • An understanding of the 3 communication styles
  • How to deal with change effectively

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