Keeping Your Balance in the Midst of Change



A Full-day Workshop



(This module discusses change in depth; not only why it’s hard to deal with, but why it’s important that every organization change. Then we discuss HOW to deal with it.)

*Let’s Talk About Change
*Why is it so Difficult to Deal with Change?
*Avoiding the “Resistance Trap”
*How Can I Adjust to the Changes Around Me?

(This module focuses on the stress so prevalent in our society today – stress from changes, stress from over-commitment, etc. Participants are offered real-world – and realistic – tips on how to deal with the stress we encounter.)

*YOU, Inc.
*Are You Afflicted with HURRY Disease?
*Just Say NO!
*Take Control
*Real Life Tips & Techniques


Participants will learn and begin to master:

  • New ways of looking at change
  • Understanding the need for change
  • How to recognize resistance to change
  • Techniques for dealing with the stress resulting from change
  • How to keep life in balance in the midst of change

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