Emotional Intelligence - HD



What It Is and Why It Matters in Your Workplace
A Half-day Workshop




I. Where Did It Come From?

  • 100+ Years and Counting (a brief history of EI)
  • What Now? (why interest in EI is increasing)

II. What Is It?

  • Getting to the Heart of It (how our heart and mind interact)
  • EI Defined (an overview of what EI actually is)
  • Time to Get Emotional (a discussion of emotions)
  • EI-EI-OH! (an in-depth study of the elements Included in Emotional Intelligence)

III. What Else Do I Need to Know?

  • What's the Score? (tools you can use to assess your own EI)
  • Careful, Now (cautions about the use of EI)
  • How Can I Enhance My EI? (tips on developing your EI)
  • What Does the Future Hold? (a look at how EI might be used in the future)
  • More on This Topic (a list of additional resources on the topic of EI)

Participants will learn and begin to master:

  • An understanding of Emotional Intelligence and how it affects our relationships
  • What part our emotions play in how we interact with others
  • How to identify the elements of Emotional Intelligence
  • Specific tips for enhancing Emotional Intelligence

Participants will also receive a helpful resource list for more information on the topic

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