Developing the Art of Supervising People

                       A Half-Day Workshop



I.        What is Your Role as a Supervisor?

Are You a Good Supervisor?                                 (self-assessments to allow participants to

A Supervisor’s Responsibility Checklist              discover potential growth areas)


 II.       Knowing Your Employees

Selecting the Right Person for the Job    (what are the first steps?)

Do You Know What They Want?              (what employees really want)


III.      The Key To Motivation

Motivation – What Is It and What Does It Mean? (an in-depth discussion about creating

18 “No-Money” Motivators                                                  a motivating environment)

The Art of Giving Powerful Praise


IV.     Coaching & Counseling           (tips and techniques for effective coaching & counseling)

20 Possible Causes for Poor Performance

Favoritism – The Poison That Kills

How to Give Constructive Feedback

8 Important Steps to Corrective Coaching

Effective Reprimands


V.      Being a Leader They Will Follow

10+ Ways to Establish Respect

Taking an Inventory of Your Own Work Habits

It’s MY Choice                      (personal action plan)


VI.     Bonus Section

New Hire Welcome Kit



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