Dealing with Change




A Half-day Workshop






*Let's Talk About Change (This module discusses change in depth; not only why it’s hard to deal with, but why it’s important that every organization change. Then we discuss HOW to deal with it.)

*Why Is It So Difficult to Deal with Change? (A frank discussion about why we fear change and the reasons we automatically resist it.)


*Avoiding the “Resistance Trap” (How to keep ourselves from instinctively fighting the changes we encounter.)

*How Can I Adjust to the Changes Around Me? (Specific tips on what each person can do to handle change.)

*It Happened, I’m Stressed, What Now?? (Ways to deal with the stress that sometimes happens despite our best intentions.)


Participants will learn and begin to master:

  • New ways of looking at change
  • How to recognize resistance to change –their own and others’
  • Understanding the need for change
  • Tips that will help them embrace change
  • Techniques for dealing with the stress resulting from change

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